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Global One Media Thinks … Engineering. Yes, we are a unique Inflight Entertainment Content Service Provider, but it does not stop here. We work with the airline client to manage the hardware, software and content to engineer a commercial line-up that would tailor to the airline’s custom commercial strategy. We also save you money by being Think … Engineers


Audio/Video/Software content within the Inflight Entertainment industry is looks similar with most airlines. Global One Media has developed an online automated tool that would enable the aerospace airline client to manage his content quickly and efficiently. By simple drag-drop, your content is selected and produced without any effort.


Global One Media invests in new technologies with OEMs developing hardware efficiencies while optimising the software based application to achieve technological customisation for aerospace clients. The airline’s Audio/Video/Software Content will play with exceptional streaming quality behind a powerful  graphic unit interface (GUI) that is designed not only to complete the commercial brand but also to provide an easy user friendly platform for airline passengers.

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